Warren Buffet bets that an Index tracker funds can beat hedge funds

In 2008 Warren Buffet bet $1m that his investment in low cost tracker funds can outperform a group of hedge funds over a 10 year period. He invested his $1m in an S&P 500 index tracker fund, the main US stock market index. The hedge funds were picked by Protege Partners, a New York money […]

Things you need to understand about the basics of investing

If you have a financial goal, saving and investing must be one of the ways to reach that goal. Learning to invest is not that complicated if you understand the basics of investing first.

Definition of a hedge fund

What is a hedge fund? A Hedge Fund is a generic name for a pool of funds invested in a particular approach in a number of financial products and markets with the only aim of making an absolute return. Hedge Funds were originally investments that had a great deal of risks hedged, so theoretically, these […]

Are you new to online investing? Start here

With all the recent turmoils in the financial markets and also the world economic climate our financial future might be progressively unclear. Do you think you’re ready for that path of uncertainty that lies ahead? I’m talking about that unavoidable, but unknown path which results in the future. Things are transforming so quickly, I can […]